How do you create online exams using TestBudha?

Sign up with TestBudha.

Login to your account.

Click on “Create your first test”.

Provide the details such as Test name, Topic, Description and select Add Questions to make your own test.

Enter your questions in the Editor window and choose the answer type in the drop down provided

Once you finish adding your questions, click on Save Changes.

How do you conduct online exams using TestBudha?

Upon creating your tests using TestBudha, you could share/invite people to take the tests you have created

Click on invite to share the tests you have created.

Provide the email id of the person whom you would like to invite for having the skill assessment test.

The invitee will receive an email provided with a link to take the test as shown below.

How do you take online exams created using TestBudha?

Upon copying the link, you will be redirected to TestBudha Student account. In case you haven’t registered with TestBudha Student account, please Sign up and log in with your credentials to take the test.

Please select the test you would like to attend in our exam software TestBudha.

A description of the web based exam is as shown below.

Select the questions listed on your left hand side to answer.

Once you finish answering all the questions, please click on Submit.

Your results will be as shown below and a detailed report will be delivered to the registered email id as a PDF.