Why the world is moving towards online examinations?

Why the world is moving towards online examinations?


Advantages of online examination

Online examination systems seek to efficiently evaluate the exam partakers thoroughly through a fully automated system that not only saves time but also give fast results. The Online examination system helps to completely automate the old manual procedure of conducting exams. Usually it is done through a Web Based Online Examination Software or and Intranet variant. It also significantly eliminates the need for monitoring while the exam is being taken. All instructions are displayed to the exam taker before the tests begin.

To effectively deliver an examination, 3 major components have to be catered for efficiently.

They are:

A major highlight of using a web based exam software or an online examination system is that it gives a high level of transparency as opposed to the traditional method or remote method. It is almost impossible to compromise exam questions and evaluations because they cannot also be influenced. Most online exams generate their results instantly and it is often possible for the exam taker to get information on his results immediately. Some of the major advantages of online examination include the following:

Security and confidentiality

As has been stated before, the security and confidentiality of an exam are critical if the exam is to retain its value. Prepared exams need to be securely kept. Any leakage will definitely compromise the standard of the exam and may result to a cancelation or a retake. All these features are well addressed using an online system because not only is the content of the exam safely locked away in a database, access to the database is only possible with an authorized personnel. A lot of possibilities are also opened up on exam day as it allows you to conveniently make your own test in a secure environment. Questions can easily be randomized so that no participants see the same questions in the same order. Questions can easily be mixed as each new question is added to the system’s database. The questions can then be randomly drawn from the database. This is why most examination bodies have gradually adopted the online platform.

Accessibility and Flexibility

Exams can be conducted anywhere. All a student needs is a personal computer with internet connection. A student does not need a long commute to exam venue as long as these requirements are met. This also means that thousands of students can take the same exams over a wide spread of locations. Gone are days, students move from one region or locality to another in the name of sitting the examination. A lot of lives have been lost in the process due to accident and other similar mishaps. In the same vein, examiners also benefit from this. Examiners do not have to bother with the laborious task of marking exams as this is well taken care of by the system. The system actually marks each exam and presents the result to the student at the end of the exam. Examiners are also afforded the opportunity to create exam online through an online examination system that can present examinations in multiple languages. Multiple exams on multiple subjects for multiple courses can also be set. Exams can also be configured for 24/7 availability. This allows candidates to take exams at their own convenience.

Cost saving

When an exam is placed online, it results in significant cost savings. The cost of paper, copying, and distribution expenses are all reduced or eliminated. The elimination of paper costs alone is extraordinary. The copying and distribution of assignments to a large class are often unwieldy and inefficient. Administrators anxious to reduce expenditures are likely to strongly favor the transition from paper assignments examinations to using online assessment software.

Time management

Online examination systems make use of computers that helps in saving time. With the widespread availability of computers and the internet, there is a general acceptability and endorsement of this system. The lengthy formalities and processes involved in creating question papers, registering candidates for exams, answer sheet evaluation and declaration of results are completely eradicated with the online exam system. Each student is timed precisely and all results are generated instantaneously. In some cases, a candidate may even be able to get an assessment on failed questions.

Statistical analysis

On a statistical point of view, compared data can be stored over time. This means that different comparative analysis can be done to analyze the outcomes of exams overtime. Depending on the online exam system used, statistical data can be pulled to analyze different data and create reports.


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